Friday, November 9, 2007

The much awaited Baby Jogger MINI!

I got a blue mini... they have so many fun colors to pick from! It's hard to pick! But the blue is really a great color.

When the baby jogger arrives, you sort of don't believe it's a stroller. Honestly - a bouncy baby seat has a bigger box... and it's so light! But it's in there!

In order to really give you a good idea of the size, I pulled out a Mountain Buggy Single and a Mia Moda Ceilo - it will give you a good idea of how small the fold is, and how big the stroller is when it's unfolded.

When unfolded, you can see there is not a huge amount of difference in size... at least head on. the Ceilo has an obviously short back.

Tons of head room - good for a larger child - but also has the full recline for a newborn

Folded - so you can see - the ceilo is a very small fold stroller - but the mini is not far behind.

You can really see the fold here... how small it is. Great for smaller SUV cargo spaces if you have a 3rd row.

and next to the ceilo - you can see the difference

As for suspension - there is no suspension in the back wheels

but the front wheel does have a slight bounce - it can go up and down about 1/2 inch - which will ease the ride

Access to the basket is fine - not a huge basket - but enough for essentials.

and handle height - it's pretty high - here is the Mountain buggy at tallest point:

and here at a lower point... you can see the baby jogger is closest to the tall point.

Now my thoughts: this is NOT a replacement for a jogger. What is excellent for (especially with the child tray accessory and other accessories available) is a great all around town stroller. It pushes very easily, the swivel front wheel is great. It does do fine over bumpy terrain - but I wouldn't want it to be purchased as a "trail" stroller. And it's obviously not a jogger. What it is, is a jogger style version of an umbrella stroller. And for $199, you can't beat the price - it's cheaper then the full featured maclarens. It does it all... and if you know someone who's looking for a good all around stroller to register for, this is definitely a contender!

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