Monday, March 31, 2008

I'm Official Now!

It's official... I'm a certified carseat tech!

Get your seat checked today - go to

also - take a minute to view some of the videos I have to the right!

Some Real Photos of the Compass True Fit

Love this seat... I really do think it's a fabulously designed seat. There are a few little things - like the middle lockoffs that take a bit to get used to - but a very comfortable, safe feeling, seat.

Here are some photos - 4.5 year old - but a peanut - 34lbs, 40". He has about 2" of growth in this seat:


And this one shows how the harness actually goes up and down without taking the cover off... so nice. No rethread harness... you just pull the buttons on the outside and slide up and down.

And here are some installed photos of the seat rear facing - the Recaro Como is next to it...



Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Britax Frontier!!! Coming in MAY!

This is an awesome seat... or at least it looks to be!

Here's the stats:

  • 4 Colors are Rushmore (Grey and Black, Red Rock (Red and Black), Canyon (Tan and Black)and Pink Sky (Pink Grey and Black)

  • Retail is $279.99

  • Available in May 2008

  • Product Features: 25-80 lb. Harnessed weight capacity with 8 harness height positions and 3 bockle strap positions.

  • True Side Impact Protection, also recognized for sleep support.

  • One-hand headrest and harness adjustment for easy and accurate adjustment

  • Rotating soft-touch armrests.

  • Retractable cup and snack holders.

  • Product Weight 24 lbs.

  • Product Dimensions W x H x D 19.5 x 22 x 26.5

  • Harnessed ,headrest extended 19.5 x 27.75 x 27Booster 19.5 x 22 x 20

  • Booster, headrest extended 19.5 x 25.25 x 20

  • Interior Product Dimensions Seating

  • Compartment Height 21.5"

  • Seat Area Depth / Width 13.5" / 12"

  • Shoulder Width 15.25"

  • Harness Slot Heights 12.25" / 13.1" / 14" / 14.9" / 15.75" / 16.5" / 17.4" / 18.25"

  • Buckle Strap Depth 5" / 6.5"/ 8.25"

We have them on pre-order! :) So come check them out!

Friday, March 14, 2008

FREE - BABY GEAR EXPO - Travel Systems & Strollers

Come to our free online chat party! I will be chatting about travel systems & strollers. If you are expecting and are confused about your options for travel systems & strollers, this is the chat to come to!

March 30th, 9PM EST - - no password is required... just pick a username and sign in!

I will be giving away a $50 gift certificate to some lucky mom! And there will be some other prizes as well!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Online Baby Showers

Lets say you're far away from family and friends and your pregnant with your first baby. Of course in an ideal world, everyone would come out to you... or you'd get to them... but either way, it's complicated and in general hard on everyone.

A great alternative is to have an online baby shower! I'll make it fun and easy!

We have two options:


As the mom-to-be, you simply go onto our website and register for products you want. If you need help selecting these, I am at your service!

Next - find a "host" or you can self host - but I generally like to stick to the typical etiquette of baby showers... so find a friend who wants to help you organize it.

Then we pick a date and a time... just like any other shower. You give me all your friends addresses & email addresses. I will even send out real baby invitations! They will have instructions on how to access the online party. (I use -Mom Chats - Free Chat Rooms for Moms! Come see our scheduled chats, or host your own. 100% free!)

We'll send out reminders about the party via email so folks are sure to come!

The party will be just like any other baby shower... we'll chat (via online chat :) ), you'll "open" gifts (well... everyone will send you a note with the item they want to give you and why....), your guests will simply go online and "purchase" those items for you...


For this shower, you will receive a unique address for your shower. You will be given access to write some info about you and the baby! For this type of shower - I'll need:
-your name and mailing address
-a photo of you and your belly and maybe one with Hubby too!
-your due date (or when you plan to bring home your adopted child)
-whether you are expecting a boy or girl or it's a suprise
-your blog/website

As people purchase items off your registry, we will post them on the site, and you can respond and others can leave comments. The nice thing about this registry is you can literally hit "print" afterwards or we can even order you a bound book with the registry in it! What a great memory!

With eather of these options, because all items are being shipped to you, it will be free shipping for everyone! We'll play games, and you'll actually get to win extras for you and the baby! I promise it will be ton of fun and your friends and family will be glad they were able to celebrate some time with you before the baby comes. Of course, we'll have photos of your baby bump too! :)

If you want more information, shoot me over an email:

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Seeing Spots...

You know those horrible primary color foam "rugs" or "mats" that people buy for their kids? They are great to play on... but terrible to have to look at! Check out these mats! I think they are great! They are called Play Spots and they are distributed by Skip Hop - the manufacturers of the best diaper bags around. The "spots" are 14" x 14" tiles -and a set includes 4 tiles for $79.00. They come in girl colors, boy colors & neutrals. You could literally use these as your rug in a nursery they are so cute!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Confused about Baby Gear???

Invite some friends over and I'll come help you sort through all the gear available!

We'll talk about what you need, what you don't need.

I'll do a safety presentation for you too - stressing carseat safety!

Plus - as a bonus - if you host, you'll get a $50 gift certificate!!!!! whoo hoo! A great way to get that stroller or carseat you've wanted!

I will gear my presentation based on the age of your kiddos - if you are pregnant and have a bunch of pregnant or new moms, I'll talk about infant gear and registry items. If you have a toddler, we'll concentrate on carseat safety, and some fun products that we have for older kids.

email me today if you're interested!

Friday, March 7, 2008


Every day I'm amazed at the blatant misuse of seats... I know I have links to some of these videos to the right... but today, I just feel like highlighting some of these... it's THAT important...

The BEST baby carrier - The Ergo

When I had my first son, I started out with a Baby Bjorn... which is great... when the baby weighs 10lbs... but at 20lbs... your back just cannot handle that!

I then bought a frame carrier... it was so HUGE! It was fantastically made (Kelty) - but man... my 20lb kid felt like 40 after just 15 minutes! I just couldn't handle that carrier... it was too big.

Then I found the Ergo Carrier... its FANTASTIC! It's a light weight cloth carrier - that can literally fold up and go in your diaper bag just like a Bjorn - BUT - it can be worn on the front or on the back - and it can be worn up to 40lbs. When you are using it like a back pack, it's so much easier to carry a baby that way then in a frame carrier - you don't even notice the weight because the child is sitting so close to your back - it eliminates the whole "leaning forward" thing.

It has a head support that you snap into place if the baby falls asleep so they don't flop around. Another nice feature is that baby is "sitting" vs. "hanging" from their hips... I've heard kids with conditions like hip dysplasia prefer this type of carrier to a Kelty or born where the pressure is on the pelvis. (but of course - check with your doctor before using with a child with this type of condition).

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Quinny & Maxi-Cosi

In a few days, we'll have the Quinny & Maxi-Cosi lines...

They have some fabulous products. For Quinny - they have the Quinny Buzz & the Quinny Zapp - both two very popular strollers. The Buzz is a full carriage setup - with an optional bassinet. It's got that "bugaboo" type style with a little more european flair... I love the colors & the fabric. It works with the Maxi Cosi Mico Infant seat too.

Then there's the Zapp... this is one of the smallest folding strollers on the market. It's really a very cool looking piece of gear. Plus - it does work with the Maxi Cosi Mico. The only bummer is that there is no recline - but its an excellent travel stroller.

The Maxi Cosi mico has some cool color patterns. Other then that it's pretty much your basic infant seat... light weight, 5 pt harness - goes to 22lbs.
The Maxi Cosi Priori Convertible carseat has some neat features. It has a recline feature for forward facing, so you can recline your toddler without uninstalling the carseat. It also rear faces to 35lbs. It will take a toddler up to 40lbs and 43" tall (gives you about 1" more in top harness height from the Britax Roundabout). A good choice for parents who plan on having more kiddos - as this one won't be the last seat you'll ever need, but if you can pass it down, then it has some nice extras that other seats don't have - and it will last you a few more months then the Britax Roundabout.