Thursday, March 13, 2008

Online Baby Showers

Lets say you're far away from family and friends and your pregnant with your first baby. Of course in an ideal world, everyone would come out to you... or you'd get to them... but either way, it's complicated and in general hard on everyone.

A great alternative is to have an online baby shower! I'll make it fun and easy!

We have two options:


As the mom-to-be, you simply go onto our website and register for products you want. If you need help selecting these, I am at your service!

Next - find a "host" or you can self host - but I generally like to stick to the typical etiquette of baby showers... so find a friend who wants to help you organize it.

Then we pick a date and a time... just like any other shower. You give me all your friends addresses & email addresses. I will even send out real baby invitations! They will have instructions on how to access the online party. (I use -Mom Chats - Free Chat Rooms for Moms! Come see our scheduled chats, or host your own. 100% free!)

We'll send out reminders about the party via email so folks are sure to come!

The party will be just like any other baby shower... we'll chat (via online chat :) ), you'll "open" gifts (well... everyone will send you a note with the item they want to give you and why....), your guests will simply go online and "purchase" those items for you...


For this shower, you will receive a unique address for your shower. You will be given access to write some info about you and the baby! For this type of shower - I'll need:
-your name and mailing address
-a photo of you and your belly and maybe one with Hubby too!
-your due date (or when you plan to bring home your adopted child)
-whether you are expecting a boy or girl or it's a suprise
-your blog/website

As people purchase items off your registry, we will post them on the site, and you can respond and others can leave comments. The nice thing about this registry is you can literally hit "print" afterwards or we can even order you a bound book with the registry in it! What a great memory!

With eather of these options, because all items are being shipped to you, it will be free shipping for everyone! We'll play games, and you'll actually get to win extras for you and the baby! I promise it will be ton of fun and your friends and family will be glad they were able to celebrate some time with you before the baby comes. Of course, we'll have photos of your baby bump too! :)

If you want more information, shoot me over an email:

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