Friday, March 7, 2008

The BEST baby carrier - The Ergo

When I had my first son, I started out with a Baby Bjorn... which is great... when the baby weighs 10lbs... but at 20lbs... your back just cannot handle that!

I then bought a frame carrier... it was so HUGE! It was fantastically made (Kelty) - but man... my 20lb kid felt like 40 after just 15 minutes! I just couldn't handle that carrier... it was too big.

Then I found the Ergo Carrier... its FANTASTIC! It's a light weight cloth carrier - that can literally fold up and go in your diaper bag just like a Bjorn - BUT - it can be worn on the front or on the back - and it can be worn up to 40lbs. When you are using it like a back pack, it's so much easier to carry a baby that way then in a frame carrier - you don't even notice the weight because the child is sitting so close to your back - it eliminates the whole "leaning forward" thing.

It has a head support that you snap into place if the baby falls asleep so they don't flop around. Another nice feature is that baby is "sitting" vs. "hanging" from their hips... I've heard kids with conditions like hip dysplasia prefer this type of carrier to a Kelty or born where the pressure is on the pelvis. (but of course - check with your doctor before using with a child with this type of condition).

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Virginia Janet said...

Love Ergo baby carriers...these carriers are very comfortable for both parents and child..