Monday, March 31, 2008

Some Real Photos of the Compass True Fit

Love this seat... I really do think it's a fabulously designed seat. There are a few little things - like the middle lockoffs that take a bit to get used to - but a very comfortable, safe feeling, seat.

Here are some photos - 4.5 year old - but a peanut - 34lbs, 40". He has about 2" of growth in this seat:


And this one shows how the harness actually goes up and down without taking the cover off... so nice. No rethread harness... you just pull the buttons on the outside and slide up and down.

And here are some installed photos of the seat rear facing - the Recaro Como is next to it...




Walkerfamily1412 said...

great carseat mama! we have it in black and light blue! but your harness on your son should be tighter and his buckle should be at arm pit level! :)

travel man said...

Great design!