Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Uppababy Vista - a GREAT bugaboo alternative

So not to knock the bugaboo - it's a fabulous stroller and definitely created a new wave of stroller design - but for us suburbanites, it's just not really practical. First - you have to take the seat off every time you fold the stroller. Second - the fact that you have to take the fabric off the bassinet and put it onto the seat frame is sort of annoying... because I'm not likely to travel with the bassinet in the car, but it would be nice to use it for nap time. Also - the basket... like most high end strollers... is lacking. And the seat is rather smallish.

So a smart guy - who used to work in car design/development, saw a need - and started Uppababy.

The Vista has that bugaboo look. It has the seat that can face you or away from you, and a bassinet. They are separate pieces though, and can be used independently from one another. Not only are they separate, but they also come with accessories for each piece - two separate bug nets, a foot muff for the bassinet, and a rain cover that will fit both.

The bassinet comes with a mattress that has a cool side, and a warm side - and the mattress cover can be pulled off to be washed.

The Toddler seat is nice and big. The basket is just awesome. I love to take this thing grocery shopping! And it zips off in case you get spills - so you can wash it.

You can fold the stroller with the seat facing away from you - which is huge in suburbia.

The one complaint the Uppababy received was that it was wide... but they fixed that with the 2008 models - they shaved 2" off the wheels - which truly makes a huge difference.

This is a fabulous choice for tall parents too... the telescoping handle is awesome. And there is no kicking the back of the stroller because there's no rear axle.

For accessories - you can purchase a toddler step - and I have to say - it beats out the Mutsy's step! I don't' kick this one AT ALL - and you can pull it up and out of the way when you're not using it! that's such a plus!

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