Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Cool new carseat.... should arrive in March

Here's why I think this new carseat by Compass - called the Compass True Fit - is going to be a hit. First - it's going to come in 6 or so pretty nice color combinations. They have the girly, the sophisticated... they don't really have an awesome "boy" print - but lots of nice color combinations. It's proven that colors/choices do matter... not ultimately - but it draws people to the seat and Compass got it right I think.

Second - it harnesses up to 65lbs (like the britax marathon) and I've heard rumors of the top harness height being slightly higher then the marathon... but that will all be determined once we actually get our hands on these seats! EDIT: I've now heard that the top harness slot is 16.5 or 17" tall... which would be roughly the same as a Marathon.

Third - It's got a smart feature that LOTS of parents will love... the top part of the seat actually comes off the seat to allow for a better reclined rear facing position! Now I say "reclined" because I've heard that you can only use this feature until the child is 22lbs - then you must attach the top part... but again - I think we need to wait for the manual to come out for that one. But that's actually not a big deal - part of the reason it's hard to fit a bit britax rear facing for a 6 month old, is that you truly need a 45 degree angle... but once the child is 8 months +, there's really no need that the seat have to be that angled... and you can just adjust the install and there should be room for the extra height in the seatback.

Fourth - the cost is fantastic. It's going to fall in the under $200 range.

I do have a few questions about these seats... that I think will just have to wait for the actual manuals to get out - like rear face tethering - and harness height. I think these may end up being my nanny's carseats for the summer...well... not the girly print... I don't think my boys would appreciate it! :)

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