Monday, April 14, 2008

The Human Foot Print

I watched this show last night - it was produced by National Geographic... which is always amazing. It really got you thinking. Did you know diapers aren't biodegradable for up to 500 years because of the plastics? Definitely a reason to try our Bum Genius diapers or some of the many biodegradable diapers on the market. (Seventh Generation, Nature Boy & Girl and TenderCare Plus all claim to be biodegradable). But the tricky thing is, there really doesn't seem to be 1 correct answer on how to reduce our waste regarding diapers. With Cloth diapers, you waste water - and these biodegradable diapers are still filling the landfills. I guess the answer is just to get them potty trained! LOL.

here's the link to the show - it gives a lot of other awesome info!

The Human Footprint

(image by National Geographic)


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Rox said...

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