Monday, October 15, 2007

Graco Quattro Tour Duo

Ok - so it is a beast. It's heavy and huge... BUT - I have to say - for just over $200, you do get a lot for your money. Don't even waste your time with the duoglider. At least this pushes well, and can move around a store with ease (just be careful not to run into anything... it is still very long!).

I know folks have complained that the front seat is small... and it is... but most kids don't mind. If they are bigger, chances are they are justing it as a jump seat - hence the missing belly bar... they jump in, they jump out. The back seat is very roomy - and the child has plenty of leg room.

I took it to Trader Joes and did all my grocery shopping with the two babies - they had cup holders for their sippys, and a snack spot for their treats.. and I have a HUGE basket below.

The funniest thing is, I can be pushing the $700 mutsy around... and no one comments... but with this dang thing, people can help it. It's so weird. I guess it's the handle bars and the lines on it are a bit unusual. And you can't buy one near me by walking into a store - so it is still not seen all over the place.

The fold is supper easy - and truly one handed - which you can't say for all doubles... but beware... bend with your knees... the thing is bulky and heavy to lift into a car. Technically it's a smaller fold.. but that's really only in length. What it looses in legth to the duoglider it gaines in bulk... so it's still a big double.

At the end of the day though, it's just over $200... vs. a double jogger at $400+. It fits the carseats which some people just can't live without and it folds easily. Just wish it wasn't so darn heavy! But then I guess it wouldn't be just over $200...

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