Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Baby Blogging!

Not sure why I've been obsessed with what I've been pushing around or carrying my kiddos in... but I think it must come from some genetic link - my Dad was obsessed about cameras, watches, and jackets... somehow that transferred into strollers, car seats, and general baby gear for me!

I love trying out what's new, hearing the latest & greatest items soon to come to the market, and I most of all love helping folks out with information about the products I've tried. Because of this - I teamed up with Baby On the Go out of St. Joseph, MO - which is a boutique baby shop.

Now how you ask - How did she find a boutique baby store in St. Joseph? Well - my stroller obsession was sort of exasperated by a yahoo group called "Stroller Swap" and that is where I met Michelle - the owner of Baby On the Go.

With Michelle's amazing willingness to try something new, and after some talks with the manufacturers - she agreed to try this adventure called "Baby On The Go At Home." think "Avon" or "Creative Memories" - but baby gear. While the concept of a home "party" isn't really our main drive of sales - the Mom to Mom communication is.

I belong to a Mom's club locally - The Sandwich Moms Club - and us moms are always asking for advice from our fellow moms. After dishing out lots of information, I started thinking... gosh... I should be able to make a living doing this! ;) (I'm always teased about how much information I give out to the group...). I initially thought of starting something on my own - but frankly - the manufacturers just don't want any more "Internet" sales companies - they want brick & mortar companies.

So that's where Michelle came in. I emailed her my idea out of the blue - and she digged it. And that's how this journey all started.

So Baby On The Go At Home currently has 5 consultants around the US. I'm sure we'll add more as we continue along on this journey. We are basically Michelle's Mobil force of information givers. We are bringing the information we know, our personal stock of strollers ("samples") to other local moms, and we're helping other mom's sift through all the junk information out there regrading car seats, strollers, high chairs, baby carriers, and more... ;)

I hope this blog will be yet another way that I am able to show my fellow mom's some of the products Baby On The Go At Home can offer them. I'm sure I'll throw in other bits of information here and there. There will be lots of photos for sure. So stay tuned!

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