Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Bob & the Cielo

The Bob Dualie Revolution & The Mia Moda Cielo

These are two VERY different strollers - but in my line-up, they are used the most.

First - the Bob. The Dualie is a great piece of equipment. The fabric is easy to clean, the seats recline (new for 2007) and can be used with an infant (non-jogging until 6 months), the wheel can be fixed or swivel - but I generally keep it in swivel mode, it fits through all average doors, you can push it with 1 pinkie finger when there are two 30lb kids in it, it has an adjustable suspension that my husband is even impressed with, it's just an awesome stroller.

If I had to give it some negatives, it's that the seat backs are not as tall as I would like (my peanut of a 4 year old still fits under the hood - but barely. And that I wish it had an adjustable handle - now this may be some sort of requirement to satisfy it's 'jogging' stroller category - but it would be nice to be able to adjust it up and down.

But that's it - and I can even attach a Kiddyboard to the back of it... so when I have two little ones, and my big guy - everyone can hitch a ride. Beats a triple any day of the week!

To own this stroller you really do need an SUV, min van, or wagon. It folds very easily - but it is big. I have no problem in our Audi Wagon or our Saturn Outlook SUV - but my sister cannot get this in her passat sedan with taking off all three wheels - and even then it's a tight fit.

This is a great stroller if you plan on doing some trail walking - it handles it with ease.

You can add a carseat adapter - which doubles as a tray for either 1 or 2 kids. You can also add a Bob Dualie Console - which works nice - but won't work when you have a toddler step on the back of it.

You can check out all the bob equipment at - and of course, Baby On the Go At Home sells them! ;)

The next stroller in the photo is the Mia Moda Cielo. I love this stroller. It just stays in my car. it takes up a spot that's about 1.5' x 1.5' x 1' folded. In my Outlook - it fits PERFECT in the rear cargo area with the third row up - which is tough to do with a non-umbrella stroller.

The fold is a little tricky - and sometimes I feel like I'm going to break it when folding it - but it's meant to be handled that way. It feels sort of like you're folding a paper airplane when you're folding it up! Opening it up is easier - but you have to make sure the crotch strap is not in the way, and that you hear the click on both sides of the seat.

The Basket is a nice spot for a wallet/keys - but this stroller is not meant to be a big storage stroller. It pushes very easily - although it does feel a little "plasticy" - but I hear for 2008, they have added some sort of suspension or somehow tightened up that push feeling.

The seat looks very comfortable - kids seem to like the freedom it gives. The recline is nearly non-existent - although I have pushed my sleeping 1 year old in it for over an hour while shopping - and he didn't seem to mind one bit. I would NOT recommend this for a say 6 month baby - I think it just doesn't do everything that some of the reclining umbrellas do - but for a 1+, it's great. I've also heard for 2008 that they will be adding arm rests and increasing the recline - so hopefully this will improve a stroller that's already fantastic. The color choices are great too! You can check it out here: Mia Moda
I would highly recommend this for someone who wants to just keep a single in their car permanently. It's a great stroller for those quick trips in and out of stores (once you figure out the fold!)

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CS and Eli said...

when do the 2008 Cielo's come out? With the changes you are mentioning, I may just be tempted to buy one.